Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I did NOT make a CHOICE.

Just to be clear.  I did not make a CHOICE to be a homosexual.  I did not sit down one afternoon, think long and hard about my options, and decide that a life of persecution and hatred and prejudice sounded like the perfect life for me.  No.  I woke up one morning, and decided to be true to my self, and live my life with as much love and tolerance as I could find in the world.

This little outburst brought to you by the bitch in my Literature class on Monday morning.

We just read Barn Burning by William Faulkner.  In it, we follow a little boy and his family as they are uprooted from their latest home and forced to move, because the little boy's father has burned down (another) barn.  Apparently, this has happened a great number of times.  Anyway, the story goes on, and the father goes to burn down yet another barn.  The little boy does the right thing and runs to warn the barn's owner, and then runs away, escaping abusive father and hopeless circumstances.  At the end of the story, we are filled with hope that he went on to find a much better life.

Well, this girl in Lit class decided that the father, Abner, was being made out to look bad, and that the entire class had totally misunderstood his character.  She was convinced that he was a hard working man, trying to provide for his family, so run down by the man that he was FORCED to burn down barns, because... it was the logical thing to do?  Idk.

Anyway, we split into groups, and I was stuck with her and another young man.  She proceeded to give her views on the story, and how the end was just ridiculous.  She thought the little boy had no reason to run away, no reason to try and escape his circumstances.  Nobody should abandon their family for a reason so trivial as a pyromaniac father who hits his children.  And then she proceeded to give this example:

Kinda like, if you come from a fundamentalist Christian family, and you choose to be a homosexual, then you have no reason to leave your family.  You've made the choice to be gay, you should deal with it and stay with your family.  There's no reason you should abandon them.

So.  Let me just be clear about something.  And then I'll close my little rant-blog and you guys won't have to read any more of my internet-rage.

I did not choose to be gay.  Nobody chooses to be gay.  Just like nobody chooses to be straight.  Or chooses to be transgendered.  Who would choose to have to deal with that much stress and heartache and sorrow?  It is not an easy road.  And while I am very happy that I have the life that I have, and I would never change the way I am, I certainly didn't choose it.

Also.  If you are a young gay boy (lesbian girl, transgendered anything, bisexual anything, etc, anything) and your family is rejecting you, and telling you that you are evil (wrong, sick, demented, bad, etc, anything negative), you are not under an obligation to live with that pain.  You are not obligated to put up with that kind of abuse.  When you are old enough, or when you can do it legally, or before then if you are in danger, you can leave.  You should surround yourself with people who love you, and accept you for who you are.  To do anything less than that is to wrong yourself.

There ya go.  That's all I have to say.  G'night everybody!