Monday, January 24, 2011

Just some randomness!

Rumor has it, there are people that read my blog!  I was a little in shock when I heard this.  So.  I am trying to come up with some more interesting things to talk about!  Bear with me while i flounder for a while in trying to come up with sufficient topics.

This is me.  Floundering.  *Flounder flounder.*  Oh man.  I've used that word so many times in the last minute and a half that it's starting to lose meaning.  It hurts my brain so much when that happens.  I've always wondered, is that just a temporary effect?  Or does doing that have some long lasting effect on a word's place in your vocabulary?  Wikipedia makes no mention of a long-lasting effect in this article.  So there we have it, I suppose.

First day of classes was today!  It was a loooooong day.  But I enjoyed my lit class, and my Anthropology class!  And Composition should be...  essay filled.  *Sigh*  However, my Math class is a freaking joke.  Not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog, but I took a placement exam last semester to see what class I should be taking.  And I placed into a low-level class.  Like, three class levels lower than Math for Liberal Arts Majors kind of low-level.  And so I sucked it up, blow to my self esteem that it was, and registered for the class.  Went to the first class today and we literally learned how to add, subtract, and find the perimeter of a shape.  Next time, we learn how to multiply and divide.  Oh, and maybe something having to do with factors.  I looked into the back of the book.  The most complex thing we learn in this class is how to find the volume of three-dimensional shapes.

I don't know if I'm making my point very well.  Let me clarify.

I am not in 8th grade.  I am in college.  I do not need to be in this stupid class.  So hopefully, I can re-take the placement exam and find a more suitable class for myself.  *Crosses fingers.*  Wish me luck or something!

Oh, here's something for the internet people out there waiting to hear more about my nerdy side-- I recently discovered (via Boyfriend and a friend of ours) the webcomic* MS Paint Adventures.  Specifically, Homestuck.  And I am freaking ENTHRALLED.  I read my way through all five point five acts or whatever.  I am now caught up with the comic, and I am AT THE EDGE OF MY SEAT.  It's intense.  I can't believe the emotional journey this comic has taken me on.  It's pretty darn incredible.

Anyway, what else is up with me?  Not a dang lot!  I feel like these blogs still don't have enough of a topic, or a structure.  If anybody has suggestions for topics or stories they'd like to hear, or anything, I welcome them!  I'm gonna go watch Hook with Boyfriend now, and refresh Homestuck every 30 minutes.  See you all around!  Or... something!


  1. That's elementary school-level math. I hope your re-take goes well, there must have been a mistake. Also, I'm going to look that webcomic up.

  2. Wow, it's amazing and sad and cool. I am losing sleep reading it.