Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amazon and King Soopers both suck.

So Boyfriend and I do joint Christmases.  Which I feel is important, and which we both really enjoy.  And our families really enjoy it.  Well, for the most part.  Neither of them like sharing us.  But if that's my biggest holiday complaint, then I count myself pretty darn blessed.

Anyway.  This last Christmas, my Grandma bought Boyfriend a gift card to Amazon, and a couple other things on the list we gave her.  Boyfriend missed Christmas with my family because he was vomiting all morning, and so we unwrapped his present that night when I brought them home, as an attempt to cheer him up and make him feel better.  Afterward, we stayed with his parents, and then brought all of our gifts home a couple of days later.

Now, keep in mind, Grandma is not the most tech savvy person.  Grandma and Grandpa own a computer that I believe still runs Windows 95.  They have never been on the internet.  Their cell phone is basically for decorative purposes.  Eventually, I hope to get them hooked up to the internet, and connected to email.  Grandma says it'll happen in a year or two.  Keep your fingers crossed that one day Grandma can friend me on Facebook!  ;-)  Anywho, the point is, Grandma bought Boyfriend's gift card at King Soopers, from one of their little gift card centers.  Okay, moving on.

TWO WEEKS LATER:  We finally got around to cleaning up all of our Christmas stuff, when we realized that our six month inspection for our apartment was around the corner.  We took all of the gifts out of boxes and bags, and threw away all the trash, and somewhere along the way, I'm pretty sure I threw away Boyfriend's gift card.

Well, about a week ago, Boyfriend was looking for his gift card, and realized it was gone.  We searched high and low for it before he told me that he had never removed it from the fancy gift card box my Grandmother had given it to him in.  A gift card box that I very distinctly recalled throwing away.

Well, I called Grandma, and she mailed us the receipt, which arrived yesterday.  (Grandma keeps all of her Christmas receipts until February.  A better idea than I normally would have expected.)  And so I started calling to try and have the gift card in some way reissued. 

I started with Amazon, as the gift card was for Amazon.  I sat on hold for a long time, and eventually the woman I was speaking to came back on the line to tell me that Amazon took no responsibility for gift cards bought in grocery stores.  Which I sort of understand, I can see how they would have a hard time tracking that sort of thing.  They advised me to call the store it was purchased from.  And so I did.

I called the store, and went through customer service, an assistant manager, and a store manager.  Eventually they told me that I would need to call Amazon to have it sorted out.  This frustrated me a little, but I asked the woman on the phone for a corporate phone number for King Soopers, and left for classes, thinking I would pick up the phone again after I learned some stuff and got a little less agitated.

This afternoon, after classes, I picked up my phone and called 1-800-677-KING.  This is the number for Home Shop and Loyalty Card services, which is nothing close to King Soopers corporate number.  However, I thought it might be worth a shot, so I hit zero a couple of times and talked to the woman who came on the phone.  It wasn't worth my time at all.  So I got off the phone, and looked up the actual corporate number for King Soopers. 

To make a very looooong story short, I called five different King Soopers Hotlines before I got a woman that knew exactly what needed to be done, gave me the 16 digit gift card number, and told me to call Amazon and have them credit the card to my account.  Three different women told me that there was nothing could be done, that lost gift cards were treated like cash and could not be replaced, and that I was calling the wrong company.

It's seriously like nobody knew what was going on.  Boyfriend thinks it might be an anti-theft measure, because a thief wouldn't go to allll of that work.  I think that the people that work in call centers just have no idea what the eff they're doing.

Anyway, I spent between two and three hours on the phone with these people, and finally got Boyfriend's gift card reissued.  Life is good.  Considering calling them again tomorrow, to explain to them how wrong they all were.  Not sure if I care that much.

Anyway, morals of this story:

1. Buy gift cards directly from the stores they are for.  This would have cut out a lot of hassle for me today.  Not that I blame my grandma, of course.  But still.  It's a good idea.

2.  Never take "Nothing we can do about it" as a final answer.  Not true.

3.  If you buy gift cards from King Soopers, and lose them, and still have the receipt, call this phone number:  1-866-544-8062.

Anyway, that's all there is today, just my adventure on the phone with Idiocy personified.  See ya later, interwebs!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just some randomness!

Rumor has it, there are people that read my blog!  I was a little in shock when I heard this.  So.  I am trying to come up with some more interesting things to talk about!  Bear with me while i flounder for a while in trying to come up with sufficient topics.

This is me.  Floundering.  *Flounder flounder.*  Oh man.  I've used that word so many times in the last minute and a half that it's starting to lose meaning.  It hurts my brain so much when that happens.  I've always wondered, is that just a temporary effect?  Or does doing that have some long lasting effect on a word's place in your vocabulary?  Wikipedia makes no mention of a long-lasting effect in this article.  So there we have it, I suppose.

First day of classes was today!  It was a loooooong day.  But I enjoyed my lit class, and my Anthropology class!  And Composition should be...  essay filled.  *Sigh*  However, my Math class is a freaking joke.  Not sure if I've mentioned this on the blog, but I took a placement exam last semester to see what class I should be taking.  And I placed into a low-level class.  Like, three class levels lower than Math for Liberal Arts Majors kind of low-level.  And so I sucked it up, blow to my self esteem that it was, and registered for the class.  Went to the first class today and we literally learned how to add, subtract, and find the perimeter of a shape.  Next time, we learn how to multiply and divide.  Oh, and maybe something having to do with factors.  I looked into the back of the book.  The most complex thing we learn in this class is how to find the volume of three-dimensional shapes.

I don't know if I'm making my point very well.  Let me clarify.

I am not in 8th grade.  I am in college.  I do not need to be in this stupid class.  So hopefully, I can re-take the placement exam and find a more suitable class for myself.  *Crosses fingers.*  Wish me luck or something!

Oh, here's something for the internet people out there waiting to hear more about my nerdy side-- I recently discovered (via Boyfriend and a friend of ours) the webcomic* MS Paint Adventures.  Specifically, Homestuck.  And I am freaking ENTHRALLED.  I read my way through all five point five acts or whatever.  I am now caught up with the comic, and I am AT THE EDGE OF MY SEAT.  It's intense.  I can't believe the emotional journey this comic has taken me on.  It's pretty darn incredible.

Anyway, what else is up with me?  Not a dang lot!  I feel like these blogs still don't have enough of a topic, or a structure.  If anybody has suggestions for topics or stories they'd like to hear, or anything, I welcome them!  I'm gonna go watch Hook with Boyfriend now, and refresh Homestuck every 30 minutes.  See you all around!  Or... something!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Outlining is harrrd...

So, okay.  You know how I'm a self-proclaimed writer?

*You nod here.*

Good.  Well, I hate outlining.  I think outlines are the devil.  Because they're hard.  And because I don't really think in bullet points, also.

The thing is, though, one of the things that my failed attempt at NaNoWriMo taught me is that I really am a writer in need of a plan.  If I don't have a plan, my writing sort of meanders slowly off in a random direction, until finally the path I'm following disappears and I'm lost in a forest of words with no idea which way is North.  And by North I mean Towards-The-End.  So an outline would be a valuable tool for me to have.

And perhaps my issue with an outline is that I never have enough things thought out for me to be able to actually make an outline.  And so I get pieces of an outline made, and realize that they don't all connect together, and then I get frustrated and just give up.

I really do feel like I would benefit from a more advanced creative writing course.  I've been through the community college creative writing, and it taught me almost nothing except that I can bullshit decent poetry.  Yaaay education.

Anyway.  All of this stems from this six-year-old story idea that I'm trying to over-haul and make viable.  And realizing how much I've changed, and the story with me, over the last six years is making this task a freaking nightmare.  The story is actually probably entirely unrecognizable at this point.  The tone is undergoing a pretty significant change, along with the writing style.  Almost all of the principal characters have altered at least a little bit, and most of them a lot more than just a little bit.

And still, after all this time, when I think about sitting down and plotting out the story arc, I just can't do it.  No matter how much I think I've finally got worked out, there is something preventing me from forming a solid story line to follow.

I hope I can look back at this moment in five years as a turning point.  Hopefully this moment provides me with some realization about what keeps getting in my way, and I can suddenly write what I've been trying to write for six freaking years.

Yeah, I let you know when my epiphany happens.  Stay tuned.

Also, I know that I'm not fulfilling the gay quota people might be looking for when they read my blog.  Gosh, I'm probably not even filling the funny quota that people are looking for when they get online to read stuff.  Sorry about that, internet people, I'll try and come up with something more entertaining than my stupid whiny rambles for next time.  For now, I give you this poorly drawn, useless ball of computer generated string to play with.  Enjoy!

New Years, etc.

Happy New Years, Internet people!  I hope that 2011 has started off well for everyone, and I wish you a fabulous year. 

2011 has started off a little slowly for me.  It caught me by surprise, the year starting anew, and I spent no time thinking about resolutions or anything.  So, belatedly, I bring you my thoughts on the turning of the wheel, and my hopes for what is to come.

As I've grown older (I know, I'm 21, I'm not old yet) I've already begun to note changes in my metabolism and in the way I digest things.  It's coming time for me to stop eating like a teenager, and start eating a little healthier.  Now, because Boyfriend and I can't afford the fancy healthy foods and all that jazz, I'm not saying that I'll stop with junk food and shitty pizza.  However, I'm at least trying to stop eating after a certain time, and I'm trying to cut down on my soda intake.  I'm already bored with water, but I've noticed how much better I feel on the days that I don't drink soda.  Other than the headaches, of course.

I've also resolved (for probably close to the tenth year running) to write much more often.  November taught me that I can write when I choose to.  Yes, I failed miserably at finishing the novel in November.  And yes, it was total crap.  But it showed me that actually putting the words onto paper isn't an issue.  I mean, I wrote, what, 25,000 words in 20 days or something?  The actual words thing isn't an issue.  So.  Hopefully there will be a significant increase in the number of blog updates I do in the coming months.  And hopefully a novel will appear over the horizon at some point.  One that isn't, ya know, total crap.

Beyond that, I don't really know what to resolve.  I'm pretty happy with most of the other aspects of my life.  Though,  a better job wouldn't be totally unwelcome.  But I'm not going to complain about mine too much, since I'm still getting a paycheck.

Anyway, I guess that's about all for now.  Look for more soon, hopefully!