Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 days later, you get a short story

Sorry I suck at this keeping to a deadline thing so bad, internets.  Perhaps a cheesy New Years Resolution is in order.  We'll see.

Anyway, wanted to post this really quick.  My cousin, Kelsie, posted a Facebook status, "Tell me a story."  I had half an hour or so before I had to be at work, and my ipod touch on me, so I wrote this.  It's unedited, because it's after midnight, and I am sleepy.  And because I feel like it.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, whose parents' divorce had sparked a civil war in their kingdom. Seeing what her parents' selfishness was doing to the people of her kingdom, the princess fell into despair.

Knowing she had to... act, the princess concocted a plan. Once, it had been a custom in her kingdom to give a sacrifice to the Great Dragon in times of great trouble, and in doing so the people had been able to ward away great strife. However, this custom had been abandoned in more recent years, as the people had begun to think it was too barbaric.

Knowing that her parents would never listen to reason, and knowing that there was nothing else she could do, the princess escaped from her father's castle one night, and rode to the mountain where the dragon was said to have lived.

She climbed to the circle of stones that had once served as the place of sacrifice, and there she waited for three days an three nights, yelling all the while for the Dragon to come and take her.

Finally, on the third night, she grew desperate. Hoping to lure the Dragon to the stone circle, she slashed her wrists with a sharp rock, for she knew the Dragon would smell it.

Time passed slowly as her lifeblood drained from her body, but eventually she heard the approach of some great creature.

"What have you done, child?" asked a great, rumbling voice. The princess opened her eyes, and saw the Dragon standing before her. Looking into his eyes, she felt herself compelled to explain her actions.

The Dragon shook its great head sadly. "This sacrifice should not have been yours to make, child. But there is nothing I can do to save you now, an so make it you have. I will do what I can to honor it."

As the Dragon spoke, the princess slowly slipped away from consciousness, away from pain. Once the Dragon was sure she would feel no more, he gathered up her body, and flew down with it from the mountain, roaring mightily.

He flew far and wide, and finally located the battlefield on which the king and queen were settling their disputes with soldiers and swords.

The battle ceased at his approach, and he landed neatly in it's center, calling to the king and queen to approach. When they were both close enough, he let the body of their daughter fall from his claws to the cold earth.

He explained what she had done, and why. He told the king and queen that it was their fault that their daughter was dead, and that to continue would be akin to spitting on their daughter's grave.

Both laid down their swords, tears glistening upon their cheeks. They agreed to both abdicate their thrones, and leave the kingdom in separate directions, never to return.

The body of the princess was placed into a crystal tomb of the dragon's making, that all would be able to see her face and remember her sacrifice. And the Great Dragon returned to his mountain, where he vowed to keep a closer watch on the doings of the people below.
The End, etc.  I like it, it's my own little fairy tale.
Speaking of Fairy Tales, look for some news coming soon about a pretty big undertaking.  Soon hopefully, lol.  

Anyway.  Brett is sleeping next to me, and so I should probably be doing so as well.

Pleasant dreams, internet denizens.